Is Makeup Harmful for your Skin

Are you really taking care of your skin after using makeup? Must read this blog to keep skin healthy even after using makeup.

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

Makeup is a necessity for women in today's life. Lipstick, mascara, blush, foundation, Eyeshadow and eyeliner are beauty materials that are compulsory for many women around the world. somehow, sometimes makeup can be harmful to our skin’s health. Unhealthy makeup routines can be the reason for acne, Aging, and oiliness or dryness on our skin. The beautifying industry has enlarged in recent years. When we were kids, makeup was just a kajal, and lipstick even the whole makeup would be done with that one lipstick. But in today's flow, even a starter makeup kit is having more than 25 different products. Too much makeup on your skin makes you feel and look better, but in the end, using up makeup is making it worse.

Demanding makeup is not the issue but doing it regularly and not taking steps to keep your skin healthy can harm skin very badly. Sleeping with makeup on your face can block your pores, which can be the reason for acne, erupt, and dull, decayed skin. The products used to apply makeup can also cause the production area for bacteria. The current study discovered arsenic, mercury, lead, and other harmful materials are used in beautifying materials that are on the market today. Many makeup, and baby care products sold in the U.S carry familiar pinpricks, adrenaline chemicals, and cancer-causing materials. At the end of the day, makeup is made up of harmful chemicals. After applying makeup the chemicals in it come in bond with your skin for a long period and too regularly, they can harm the natural texture of your skin badly.

Healthy makeup habits for your skin:

It is really hard to encourage yourself to take off your makeup from your face before going to bed every night. But you must follow this habit to avoid getting your skin harmed. First, remove your makeup using makeup remover and then wash your face with water.

After using makeup brushes try to wash your brushes. This one is a difficult task but wash your makeup brushes every month. A deep cleaning helps in getting rid of harmful bacteria which come from our skin's sweat and dead cells and the products used on our skin.

Many women often don’t use moisturizer as a part of their daily makeup routine, but they must use moisturizer as it helps in reducing the dryness that makeup can cause. If you need to put on makeup, use a moisturizer as a base under your makeup.

If you are willing to borrow someone else’s lipstick, you’d better think twice before asking. Sharing beauty materials is a great way to spread bacteria. It might seem quite easy, but it will not help your skin in the long run. Following unhealthy Makeup, routine is harmful to your skin.

Everyone carries skin that is different from others, and that is the reason that you need to have attention to how your skin reacts to different products. Some products may make your skin dry, some can make it oily. Through testing and mistaking, you can search for the makeup that is fit for your skin. Or consulting a skin specialist.

So in short, we must try to avoid excessive use of makeup on our skin. We must try to feel comfortable in our natural looks. Carrying makeup is not bad but we must follow useful tips to protect our skin from harmful bacteria, damage, and aging that makeup causes to skin.

20 year old girl trying to guide my beautiful friends with my 4 years of beauty experience.