5 Tips to keep Your Nails Healthy

Are you worried about nails? Must read to get healthy nails.

“Nails are like jewels, don’t use them as tools”

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Mostly every girl wants to have long nails as a fashion trend today but before that, we must have healthy nails. We mostly have weak nails due to the deficiency of vitamin B, iron, and calcium. We can use multivitamins that contain vitamin B and calcium. Like other parts of our body, we must take care of our nails too. because nails play a very essential role in our life. The hard surface of nails protects the tips of nails and fingers, nails give us the ability to scratch and separate things. There is an entangled network of nerves under the nails. The appearance of nails shows our health overuse of different products, having poor nutrients, and many other issues that affect nails. Week, thin, soft, and fragile nails people should consult a doctor.

We must take care of our nails. The following are some tips to follow to have healthy and maintained nails.

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epeatedly using gel or acrylic nails can damage nails badly. Acrylic nails do not look like natural nails and are very challenging to remove which harms original nails. And people who use UV rays to dry nail polish also carry unrealized risks. Which even causes skin cancer and causes premature aging to our hands. To keep nails healthy we must take a step back from gel and acrylic nails and avoid both at the same time.

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Applying lotion, hand balm, or moisturizer regularly helps in keeping nails hydrated. We must apply lotion after washing hands or after removing nail paints to keep hands soft and free from cracking.

Using a hand sensitizer is a water replacement when it is not available. Sensitizers contain alcohol which dehydrates nails and results in breakage and damage of nails. Frequent use breaks our nails easily. We must try to avoid the sensitizer. If there is no option other than using it, use a little amount of it avoiding nails.

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A well-balanced diet full of nutrient food contains enough minerals and vitamins. Which helps in reducing our health issues. As well as keeping nails healthy and flawless. Not giving the body as needed vitamins and minerals results in damage to our nails. Multivitamins are also another step to get nutrients but you must consult a doctor before using them.

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Keeping the body hydrated is a necessary element in keeping the body healthy, strong, flawless which even affects nails. Not giving the body enough water results in making nails brittle which can peel off easily. Using plenty of water keeps the body moisturized and stays strong. Use enough water instead of beverages and sugary drinks.

“Gel doesn’t ruin your nails, picking off gel ruins your nails.”

Deficiency of care, proper lifestyle habits, and poor diet can become the reason for soft, brittle, and weak nails. Nails can be given strength naturally by giving proper care to nails and having a proper diet plan. Weak nails can be prevented by forbidding chemicals like nail polish and nail remover, etc. after trying a variety of different tips still nails do not get health consult a health care doctor.

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